Staff Application Layout

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Staff Application Layout

Post by TheCdoubleOL on Thu Oct 29, 2015 11:19 pm

Staff Application Layout

IRL Name:



Previous Staff Experience:

Rank Wanted(Doesn't Mean Rank You Will Get):

How active can you be:


Scenario 1:  A user is spamming the chat, What would you do?:

Scenario 2: You suspect a user is hacking, What would you do?:

Scenario 3: A user is disrespecting another user, What would you do?:

Scenario 4: You suspect a user is XRAYing, What would you do?:

Scenario 5: A user is requesting for a staff position, What would you do?:

Scenario 6: A user is advertising his staff application, What would you do:?

If you advertise your application anywhere, it will be immediately declined!

TheCdoubleOL is the only one who accepts/declined staff applications!

As a member you may "+1" or "-1" on apps and provide reasoning which may overturn the outcome!

Must have the "Official Member" rank on the forums to apply!

Note, if you comment below this format, you will be auto-declined, otherwise excused by a Head-Admin+


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